Thursday, August 5, 2010

Does this count as a Blog Entry?

Just back from SAI (School Administrators of Iowa) Annual Conference. I have enbedded a video at the bottom of the blog page as my reflections and second blog entry. Truly a non writer's blog.

Highlights of the video from the conference include the following things:
1. Thank you to SAI for a thought provoking, challenging, and 21st century learning lineup of speakers.
2. #saiconf10 awesome backchannel conversation, tweetup, great face to face connections, big thank you to my PLN, this hashtag made me engaged both days
3. Alan November, one word awesome. Here is a link to my notes from his first session. THE BEST SAI SESSION I HAVE EVER BEEN TO AND TO THINK THERE WERE ADMINISTRATORS LEAVING THE SESSION?

His key point was, "what was homework should become classwork and what was classwork should become homework."

Please check out the video and become a follower of mine, yes I'm begging

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